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We are backed by a professional team of experienced and well qualified engineers and technicians. Further, our R&D department is forever engaged in researching latest technologies that enable us to remain one step ahead of our competitors. We have a well-equipped manufacturing unit. We specialize in manufacturing customer-specific products assists us in making on-time deliveries to our clients across the globe.

We are able to successfully cater to the diverse needs of the clients from the textile industry, Paper, Leather, Wool, Food, chemicals and plastic industry with the support of our efficient and dedicated team of skilled workers. We have a well-equipped manufacturing plant capable of carrying out customized as well as bulk orders in accordance with the client specifications.

Stringent quality control checks conducted at every single step of the manufacturing process ensures our customers in getting the best quality materials.

Continuous innovation and our meticulous manufacturing process provides us such a strength that our company can stand in the local as well as in the international markets.

Our manufacturing process has not only helped us in substantial cost reduction but also in the production of the high quality dyes and dyes intermediates.

We also Work in the area of research reactors and accelerators focused on identifying the causes of underutilization, providing assistance in resolving relevant issues and promoting new techniques and technologies.

Range Of Reactions :

Diazotization Sulphonation Reduction
Nitration Condensation Hydrolysis
Crystallization R.O System (Reverse Osmosis) Purification
Drying and Mixing

Environment Freindly (Services) :

Our Unit is located in government sanctioned chemical zones with proper effluent treatment plants meeting strict Government Environmental Standards.

For environmental protection, the Company has set up a well-equipped ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) as a part of contribution towards the social responsibility.